Waziper - Whatsapp Marketing Tool for WordPress

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Waziper - Whatsapp Marketing Tool for WordPress

WhatsApp Marketing Tool Plugin for WordPress, which is one of the Stackposts products. You can use many of its features such as whatsapp sender auto bulk send in seconds to millions of customers, auto reply to first message, chatbot system with keywords or suggestions, send all types of files like pdf, excel, txt... Advanced, export contacts from groups. It is not only WhatsApp marketing software, but also helps your business to retain and attract more customers.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and the second most popular social network in the world. It has over 2 billion users (2021) in over 180 countries and most of them will become your customers if you can reach them. WhatsApp has been downloaded 600 million times, making it the most downloaded app on Facebook. The US alone accounted for 7.5% (45 million) of these downloads.

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