Video Blogster Pro v4.8 - Import YouTube Videos to WordPress

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Video Blogster Pro v4.8 - Import YouTube Videos to WordPress

Import content from video and music sites into WordPress to get unlimited search engine fresh food to update your dedicated blog all day, every day.

How does it work?

Each Video Blogster feed is a request for a channel, playlist, keyword, etc. that is sent to the media site's API. The API returns the query results, and Video Blogster creates a WordPress post for each item returned, including comments, tags, categories, stats, and even imports a featured image. Your theme handles everything else.

These Video Blogster feeds can be scheduled to run in the background to constantly look for new video content, allowing your site to build automatically.

Video Blogster includes advanced processing so you can switch content, translate languages, remove text or links, have full control over content layout, and more. You can save as any user, any post type, any status, any format and any taxonomy.

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