All Video Downloader & StorySaver v9.7.4 - 1500 Websites Threads,Snackvideo,Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram, FB

14-07-2023, 12:21
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All Video Downloader & StorySaver v9.7.4 - 1500 Websites Threads,Snackvideo,Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram, FB

Auto-download only works till android 9. Above that, it will not work as of googles restrictions

Most of the public prefer videos rather than reading something. So, in this case, they face some trouble to save or download the video in high quality. But now there is no problem to download any video. What you want! By using this app you can have those video which you want in your files.

By downloading any video. You will have the options to download Video files such as MPK, AVI, MP4, AVI, It automatically detects links from the Web browser or App, so you just need to copy the link.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Does Google Play allow to publish this app on the store?

YES. Something you need to do is make changes to your package name, app name, logo, colors, and so on. Then build an App Bundle or APK file, and publish it to the Play store. If you have any problems during upload, I’ll help you via Anydesk.

2. Do i need any server or any backend?

No, You don’t need any kind of server or backend, you can use our API but if you prefer to use your own we have provided the API files you can upload it to your server and change the URL in the Constants.kt file

3. This app support TIKTOK video download?

YES, the app support TIKTOK video download without watermark.

4 . What You Will Get?

• All in one Video Downloader and status saver app (2 UI variants)

• Standalone WhatsApp Status Saver App in Flutter

• Video Downloader V2 (A second video downloader app)

• App Documentation


  • Don’t use the same logo which app is having and also don’t use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms original logo, Make it your own and replace them with your one.
  • If Any Social Platform change their video downloading source then video will not work and We can not guarantee the time required to make it available again.
  • If any kind of app suspension/rejection on Playstore then we are not responsible for that.
  • Instagram re-shared story won’t be downloaded, you can download only user uploaded content.
  • Facebook link need to contain the word (videos) else it wont download.
  • Be sure to use the without YouTube feature code before uploading it to playstore

Author Message

as you know tiktok constantly is changing its way of supplying videos to the viewers sometimes they change the URL some time add authentication or any other to limit the download. so we have to update the app every time. So kindly be a little patient. we are sorry for any inconvenience.

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