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November 11 2021

Cryptonite v1.0.1 - Multi Featured Crypto Buy & Sell Software

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Cryptonite v1.0.1 - Multi Featured Crypto Buy & Sell Software with Giftcard Marketplace

Cryptonite is a feature rich cryptocurrency exchange software. With support for multiple cryptocurrencies, you can host purchases and sales using direct bank transfer, credit cards, or any other supported payment gateways.

Cryptonite supports almost all local currencies (FIAT) in the world with bank account transfers for both local withdrawals and deposits that can be traded with supported cryptocurrencies in the system. The exchange rates for each local currency can be set manually or automatically obtained from a trusted exchange rate provider.

To comply with your local KYC and AML laws, it supports flexible KYC verification of your users, as well as the ability to limit trading volumes based on verification status.

Our goal for this system is to provide as many features as we deem relevant to crypto traders, so with the initial launch, we are introducing a fully functioning Giftcard settlement and payment marketplace that uses a payment account for cryptocurrency trading. In other words, the gift card can be exchanged for cryptocurrency!

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