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Salient v16.2.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Salient v16.2.0 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Salient is an extremely responsive, beautiful WordPress theme perfect for freelancers, photographers, designers, and design studios. Its stunning design and layout will give your portfolio the attention it deserves.

Salient will be of interest to those who are engaged in website design. The main argument in favor of using this theme in the development of your site is the impressive appearance and beautiful design of the site.

The main feature of the theme is the ability to create a videophone, support for which is the original standard feature. In addition, a rich palette toolkit will allow everyone to choose the optimal style of color performance.

The area of application of this theme can be called cases when you need to create not a standard site, but an original one, or an interactive one which can be done easily, thanks to the presence of a videophone.

A site created with Salient can be either boxed or full-width, and if desired, this parameter can be changed with one click of the mouse. Making a transition from one width to another, the site will automatically adjust, adapt.

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