WP Synchro PRO v1.6.2


Complete migration plugin for WP developers

Save time by automating the repetitive task of synchronizing two sites, such as synchronizing a local development site with a production site, or a staging site in sync with a production site. Selective synchronization of the database and files.

Extraction Data

Extract or send data from one WordPress site to another. Always get the latest database and files that you can work with in your environment at the click of a button.

Save time by automating migrations - configure once, run many times

Improve customer experience and customer experience by working with the best possible data across multiple environments. Easy and convenient maintenance of your environment

Synchronize database

Synchronize databases between environments seamlessly. Select the tables you want to move and what search / replace you want to do with the data.

Fast migrations, with correct find / replace in the data and no errors

Save time every time you restart your database migration. No more tedious moving .sql files between databases.

Synchronize files

  • Synchronize files between your environments. You can choose what to transfer, such as WordPress, themes, plugins, downloads or other files / directories.
  • Synchronize only differences in files, saving time each time you sync
  • Choose the exact data you want to sync for your project to make it fast and in complete control.
  • Preventing errors due to unsynchronized files

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