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Post Pay Counter Pro v1.8.9

22-11-2021, 09:37
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Post Pay Counter Pro v1.8.9

Post Pay Counter PRO is an add-on to Post Pay Counter that helps you calculate and track your writers' payments and implement a revenue sharing model in your business.

Easily calculate and process author payments on a blog with multiple authors. Set your desired billing criteria and let the plugin calculate the billing for your posts. The statistics can be viewed immediately. Both a general view with all users and a specific one for each author are possible. It can easily help you implement a revenue sharing / paid entry model for your business.

Mark as Paid and View Past Payments

You want to know how much money you owe each author each month and how much you have already paid, without double paying past publications. This is what Post Pay Counter PRO allows you to do.

You can say goodbye to the nightmare of calculating every time, because when you mark a post as paid, its payment will not be counted in the future. This way, you will always have a clear idea of how much you should pay each writer. It doesn't matter about your bookkeeping, the plugin takes care of it for you!

You can also view past transactions with a detailed payment history so you always know when you paid who for what.

Pay directly with PayPal

You can pay your writers directly from the statistics page through PayPal with a user-friendly button. The plugin never saves your credentials: you enter them with every payment.

You can also add your preferred currency symbol before or after payments so that contributors always know what currency you are paying them in.

  • You can save your money up to 90% and 100% virus free files from author.
  • No waiting! The download will be available after payment successful.
  • We are currently accpet PayPal, BTC, ETH and USDT.
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22-04-2022 16:10
Hello, can we use this plugin for only 1 website... I have 2 websites

Do you provide support after purchase?
24-04-2022 17:34
Yes, i provide.
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